Pre-Assessment Quiz

This pre-assessment has 22 questions divided among 3 sections: Technology, The Online Classroom, and Fitting Online into Your Life. Upon submitting your responses you will be presented with your results along with feedback for each of your responses. To have your results sent to you please enter an email address below. Alternatively, you can just print your results at the end.

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1. I have daily access to a computer less than 3 years old for my online courses.

2. My computer is connected to the Internet with a reliable high-speed connection such as cable or fiber.

3. I have a webcam, headphones or speakers, and microphone that I know how to use.

4. My browser will play common media formats (MP3 audio, QuickTime and Flash video).

5. I feel confident in my Internet skills, such as navigating between web pages, using a search engine, and downloading files.

6. I am comfortable installing software and changing configuration settings on my computer.

7. I am comfortable locating, opening, and saving files on a computer.

8. I am capable of troubleshooting basic computer or technical problems myself or I know someone who can help me.