Prospective Students

College students talking together outdoors on campus

Truth be told, online learning isn’t for everyone. These modules will help you decide if online courses are right for you, based on your technology skills and experience, learning preferences, and ability to fit online coursework into your life. Taking these modules now, before you start your online course, will help you avoid many of the same mistakes that other students make when they’re new to online learning. Even better, they’ll help prepare you to succeed as an online student.

These modules are purely for your benefit, so take the time to work through the topics and think about how they relate to you as a prospective online student. Be honest as you complete the pre-assessment, and do your best as you read the materials and complete the activities.

Think you’re ready to take an online course? Take this short pre-assessment test to find out! At the conclusion of the test, you’ll be provided with feedback on each of your responses, including how you can best prepare yourself for taking an online course at a UNC System school. Alternatively, if you’d rather dive right in, you can access all the modules from the Prospective menu above.